Behavior Standards » Rules and Expectations

Rules and Expectations

Below you will find the rules and expectations for all students attending Nelson Elementary:

Respect for Adults

Students are to respect ALL Adults on campus, including staff and parent volunteers.

Students who are found to be disrespectful may receive detention.  Repeated incidents will result in disciplinary action.

Behavior that is NOT acceptable at Nelson Elementary

  1.         Fighting or threatening to cause physical injury to another person
  2.         Willfully using force or violence against another person
  3.         Possessing any firearm, knife, explosive, pepper spray, laser pen or other dangerous object
  4.         Dress/ appearance, that causes a disruption
  5.         Profanity, obscene acts
  6.         Forgery/cheating
  7.         Theft/burglary/possession of stolen property
  8.         Smoking or possession of tobacco
  9.         Defiance of authority/disruption of school activities
  10.         Destruction of school property or private property
  11.         Physical assault, battery
  12.         Possession or use of alcohol/ drugs/paraphernalia/look-alikes
  13.         Possession of imitation firearm; toy guns or BB guns
  14.         Extortion/robbery (forcing students to give money)
  15.         Explosive devices, including fireworks
  16.         Leaving school without permission
  17.         Sexual harassment, language or touching