Emergency Drills

Emergency drills are one of the most important ways to be prepared for an emergency. This month, Nelson students participated in two separate emergency drills. On February 8th, students took part in a fire drill where they met with their teachers on the blacktop. Teachers took roll and made their way to the grass area. A command center was also available for students to receive medical attention if needed, and it served as a central meeting place for teachers and staff to communicate.

On February 13th, students had a second emergency drill described as a “Situation” or “Active Shooter” drill. During this drill, teachers took any and all students into their classrooms, even if the students were not usually in their class. Once students were in the classrooms, teachers shut the door and all the blinds. In the cafeteria, students sat along the wall and on the stage behind the curtain. We are proud to say that all students were in a classroom and with an adult in less than 3 minutes!  

We are proud of all our teachers and staff for participating in both of these drills in such an effective manner. Although we hope a true emergency never happens, we are confident that our staff, teachers, and students will know exactly how to react.