National Walk to School Day a Special Event at Nelson Elementary

Students, teachers, parents and sheriff deputies walked together this morning in honor of Sgt. Michael Geske who died last April from natural causes.  Sgt. Geske was no stranger to Nelson School, he read to students during their Dr. Seuss celebrations, and joined in on last year's National Walk to School Day.
He was a nice man and friendly and caring to our students, said principal Duncan.  Duncan and several teachers walked to Pioneer High School first thing Wednesday morning so they could walk from that meeting location to the school.  They were joined by students, parents, lots of deputies and even Pioneer High School students, most of whom are former Nelson students who joined in and sang the school's cadence as they walked.
When the group arrived at Nelson School, everyone gathered on the blacktop while the principal thanked the deputies for their kindness and work with Nelson students.  More than 200 students walked to school from different checkpoints today.