55 Students Get New Shoes

Monday morning was like a birthday for more than 50 Nelson Elementary students who were called to the cafeteria right after breakfast to open and try on a new pair of shoes.  Fourth grader John Hurtado said he loved his new shoes. He was only one of the many students who expressed happiness and gratitude when they saw the shoes purchased by Mrs. Miller.  Miller, a Whittier resident said he just wanted to do something nice for kids as she is about to retire.  "We chose three schools in the area and we offered the shoes because we wanted to make sure they received them before we left for Africa," Miller said.  She and her husband are leaving in a few days.
Miller was able to make the donation to the school by contacting the organization Shoes that Fit, who in turn contacted the school's principal.  "We are so grateful whenever anyone offers to do something nice for our children," said Principal Duncan.
Miller was able to outfit students from TK to 6th grade.  "It makes me happy to see them so happy," Miller said.  
Shoes that fit is an organization that help provide new athletic shoes to children in need so they can attend school in comfort and dignity and be prepared to learn.